Dr. James McLean

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Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
SUNY Geneseo
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454-1401

Office: 228G Integrated Science Center (old Greene)
phone: (585) 245-5897
FAX: (585) 245-5116
email: mclean@geneseo.edu

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Past Courses

PHYS 102: Science of Sound PHYS 120: Freshman Experience PHYS 223: Analytical Physics III PHYS 341: Seminar
PHYS 103: Science of Sound Laboratory PHYS 124: Analytical Physics I Lab PHYS 226: Optics & Modern Lab PHYS 353: Advanced Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 342: Advanced Physics Problem Solving PHYS 125: Analytical Physics II PHYS 230: Digital Electronics PHYS 362: Intermediate Lab
  PHYS 126: Analytical Physics II Lab INTD 220: History of Physical Science PHYS 363: Instrumentation & Interfacing
      PHYS 386: Solid State Physics

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Standard Grading Policy

Unless noted otherwise in a syllabus, this link will show the details of how I align numerical and letter grades.

Grading Codes

Grading codes and abbreviations used on Lab Reports and Abstracts are detailed at this link.


This site describes the general education requirements.  Courses which fulfill those requirements can be found by searching courses in KnightWeb.

This sheet shows the structure of pre-requisites for physics courses.

Here is a sample advising guide for completing a Physics BA in three years.  Note that individual circumstances are usually important in such a situation.

Recommendation Form

If you would like me to write a recommendation letter for you (for grad school, REU, employment, etc.), ask me first.  Then, so that I can write the best possible letter, provide me with:

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Interesting Information

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