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Kiplinger's Ranks SUNY Geneseo No. 2 Best Value Among The Nation's Public Colleges For Out-of-State Students, No. 7 Best Value For In-State Students

GENESEO, N.Y.—The State University of New York at Geneseo has again been ranked at the top of the Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine's list of the 100 Best Values in Public Colleges among the nation's four-year public colleges and universities.

Geneseo was ranked No. 2 best value for out-of-state students and No. 7 for best value for in-state students among public schools across the country. This is the second year in a row Geneseo has been ranked No. 7 best value for in-state students, having jumped from 32nd place in Kiplinger's previous rankings in November 2003.

The rankings are included in the magazine's February edition, which hits newsstands and will be posted online at Tuesday, Jan. 9. The article, "Best Values in Public Colleges," states that schools that make The Kiplinger 100 list offer "top-notch academics at affordable prices" and "combine outstanding economic value with a first-class education."

"The Kiplinger's rankings once again confirm the quality of a Geneseo education," said SUNY Geneseo President Christopher C. Dahl. "They are a reflection of the synergy between an outstanding liberal arts faculty and the talented students we attract and a further indication of Geneseo's reputation as New York's public honors college."

Kiplinger's determined its rankings based on data provided by more than 500 public four-year colleges and universities. Schools on the list were ranked according to academic quality, cost and financial aid.

Kiplinger's lauded Geneseo for again topping its "rankings for offering high-quality education to out-of-state residents as a relatively low cost—about $21,000 annually. The average financial-aid package cuts that amount by several thousand dollars."

The article noted that although the College Board reports that tuition and fees at four-year public institutions have risen 35 percent during the past four years, "real values are still available." The Geneseo's total in-state cost is $14,848, while its total out-of-state cost is $21,108.

"Our ranking as No. 2 in the nation of all public colleges and universities for value (quality for the price) supports what we experience on a day-to-day basis as we increasingly compete for students with some of the best undergraduate colleges and universities in the nation," said Bill Caren, associate vice president of enrollment services for the college.

Kiplinger's based its college rankings on a combination of outstanding academic quality plus an affordable price tag. The magazine started with more than 500 public four-year colleges and universities and narrowed the list to 120 schools based on several measures of academic quality, including the percentage of the 2005-06 freshman class scoring 600 or higher on the verbal and math components of the SAT (or scoring 24 or higher on the ACT), admission and retention rates, student-faculty ratios, and four- and six-year graduation rates. Academic quality carried more weight than costs, accounting for almost two-thirds the total scoring.

Then, each school was ranked based on cost and financial aid. Kiplinger's examined the total cost for in-state students (tuition, mandatory fees, room and board, and estimated textbook costs); the average cost for a student with need after subtracting grants (but not loans); the average cost for a student without need after subtracting non-need-based grants; the average percentage of need met by aid; and the average debt a student accumulates before graduation.

To determine out-of-state rankings, Kiplinger's ran the academic-quality and cost numbers again, this time using total costs for out-of-state and average costs after aid.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, which was founded in 1947, provides advice on financial security and money management. The magazine also will make the rankings available for review at