For Immediate Release —March 3, 2009
David Irwin
Media Relations Manager
(585) 245-5516

Statement from SUNY Geneseo President Christopher C. Dahl on the Death of Arman Partamian

Dealing with the tragic and untimely death of a student is one of the most difficult tasks I or any college president can face. I send my deepest sympathies to Arman's family, friends and fellow students.  He was a promising and talented student who was making a difference with his campus and community involvement.  While the official police report is pending, alcohol consumption was probably a factor in his death. Given this information, we are resolved to continue our aggressive educational efforts to ensure that all of our students are aware of the dangers of hazing and excessive alcohol consumption.

The organization that allegedly sponsored the party where Arman died is not affiliated with or recognized by the College or its Office of Greek Affairs. We are adamant about educating all students on campus -- including those involved in our legitimate Greek organizations – regarding College policies on hazing and alcohol consumption. For example, new pledges of recognized fraternities and sororities are required to take a workshop on hazing policies.  In addition, our fraternities and sororities sign an anti-hazing pledge each semester acknowledging that they know, understand and will abide by hazing policies.  Each group has an adviser who is, in nearly all cases, a member of the College's faculty or staff. 

We strongly condemn irresponsible organizations that ignore the expectations and values of the College, recruit students like Arman and then encourage behavior that puts their lives at risk. We will continue to do all that is legally within our power to eliminate the detrimental influence these renegade organizations have on our students and community.

Christopher C. Dahl
SUNY Geneseo